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#170 - quiz #3
September 9, 2001 @ 11:33 am

Quiz #3

Holy Moly! Three personal quizzes in one day! Yee-haw! This one is the ultimate personal quiz, so I think I'll lay off the quizzes for awhile gang. You can all breathe a sigh of relief now. He-he.

I stole this from gjacenta

001. full name: Straw Bury Grl

002. nicknames:Strawburygrl or just plain ol' Straw

003. sex: chick

004. birthdate: January 14

005. how old do you really look: 22

006. shoe size: 8.5W

007. height: 5'6"

008. eye color: green

009. hair color: auburn

010. school: graduated from the UW in '96

011. body modifications: double ear piercings

012. ever been involved with the police: that's a *personal* question!

013. best thing you've done this summer: watched the stars at Mt. Rainier

014. what shampoo do you use: Selsum Blue

015. do you have any pets: 1 kittie

016. do you collect anything: everything! esp. magnets

017. favorite day of the week: Friday!!

018. favorite candy: most anything white or milk chocolate

019. favorite thing in your room: either the beautiful vanity inherited from Sweetie's family, or my vibrator collection ;)

020. favorite food: brownies!!!

021. favorite restaurant: Sahib - excellent mofo Indian yumminess!

022. favorite record: Hooverphonic: Blue Wonder Power Milk

023. favorite song: "Somebody" by Depeche Mode - it's our song

024. favorite radio station: (KNH)C89.5

025. favorite ice cream: Ben & Jerry's Apple Crumble

026. favorite thing to do on weekends: sleeeeeeeeep & go to the Dish!

027. favorite season: Fall

028. favorite characteristic about yourself: I want the best for everyone around me

029. favorite sport: Mariner's baseball

030. favorite hangout: bed on a lazy Sunday around noon

031. favorite toppings on pizza: pepperoni and pineapple, just like g.!

032. favorite sesame street character: the Count (yep, even then I was into the vamps!)

033. do you believe in aliens: yes

034. do you believe in yourself: usually

035. do you believe in reincarnation: errrr... I'd like to but... no

036. do you believe in love at first sight: that's called LUST

037. do you have a religion: just a belief in humanity and life itself as holy

038. if you could have any occupation: a rock star, a dancer, or a movie critic

039. your dream car: practical: forest green Jeep Grande Cherokee; impractical: a black Porsche

040. your dream house: I know exactly what it looks like, but it's complicated. A giant tiled entryway, you can see all the way to the French doors at the back of the house that lead to the backyard and pool. Two wings on either side. Giant floating staircase that bisects to go to each wing's second floor. Bedrooms upstairs, all others downstairs. Professional recording studio in the basement. Yes, an impracticality now that I know I can't sing or play any instruments, but the dream still holds...

041. what age do you want to get married: been there, done that

042. how many kids do you want: 1

043. have you ever named your goldfish: nope. we won "feeder fish" at a carnival once. they died 2 days later

044. have you ever sat through an entire dawson's creek episode: *sob* yes *sob*

045. if you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring 3 people, who would they be: my husband and... crap, I can't think of anyone else who wouldn't get on my nerves!!

046. what do you wear to bed: tank top & shorts

047. what's your bedtime: 10:30 - 11:00 (yah, right)

048. do you wish on stars: not usually

049. is there a TV in your room: no

050. whats the last thing you do before you fall asleep: roll over onto my stomach

051. person who knows the most about you? Sweetie

052. any siblings: BIG little brother, little sister, baby brother

053. furthest you've been away from home: Jamaica

054. how many schools have you attended: ack! I count 7

055. do you get along with your parents: my mother

056. whose your 2nd family: my Sweetie's family

057. vanilla or chocolate: chocolate, unless it's ice cream, then vanilla

058. oddest dream: just hit the damn back button on my diary, there are DOZENS a night!

059: your favorite halloween costume: does anyone else remember these things from the early 80s? they were black plastic and you blew them up like a beach ball (same material). the blow-up part was the alien/monster head that sat on top of your head. i think there was a cape attached. they were popular for about 2 Halloweens, and I finally got one the 2nd season they were out

060. do you play any music instrument: no, no, NO! dammit!

061. do you glow in the dark: ermmm, no

062. so you possess magical abilities: nooo, didn't we just cover this?

063. can you name all four tellitubbies: NO

064. can you name all the members of n'sync: I can name ONE, and I already want to shoot myself

065. can you name all the members of BSB: hallelujah! NO!

066. favorite color: RED

067. favorite television show: The West Wing & Buffy the Vampire Slayer

068. favorite clothes: jeans or jean shorts & a little t-shirt, preferrably with Eeyore on it

069. favorite store: the Bon Marché

070. favorite soda: Coke is IT!

071. favorite actor: John Malkovich

072. favorite actress: Julia Roberts

073. favorite music artist: Sting

074. favorite group: Depeche Mode

075. favorite type of music: 80s

076. favorite movie: Dangerous Liasons

077. favorite person in real life: Sweetie

078. favorite person on the net: erm, I read over 20 diaries. I have no idea!

079. least favorite person in real life: my father

080. least favorite person on the net: I ran across a Pat Buchanan website with a swastika background once. I think that would have to be high up on the list...

081. least favorite television show: Cheesy late-night dating shows

082. least favorite type of music: rap & hip-hop

083. least favorite song: and iiiiii-iiiiiiiii will alwaaaaaaays love youuuu-uuuuuu

084. least favorite movie: Carnosaur

085. least favorite group: Britney should die. please kill Britney! PLEASE?!!

086. what are you most known for: I'm quiet

087. what is your talent: writing

089. if a friend was to describe you, what would they say: sweet & sincere & kind

090. Have you ever been suspended or expelled: no

091. your greatest fear: nobody loves me, being alone

092. best accomplishment: falling in love with my husband

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